A Very Special Babysitter App

(Research, UX/UI Design, Prototyping) 

This was a pro-bono B2C project.
The Special Babysitter Project was established under the auspices of Adi (formerly Aleh), a nonprofit organization for children with special needs,
as a result of the need for assistance in caring for special needs children.

The Problem

Getting babysitting services for children with special needs can be very challenging.
It was difficult to keep track of service requests when advertised on several platforms.
Currently, the tools used to address and regulate the issue are WhatsApp and Facebook groups that are managed by the association members. Providing these resources often means providing time, supervision, filtering and other resources that are not available to them on a regular basis. In order to simplify the process for them, and the users, they are seeking a practical solution.

The solution

Integrate all the “wanted-ads” into a single interface. Additionally, the interface will facilitate communication between the parties, allowing them to organize payments, coordinate expectations, and gain a deeper understanding of each other even before the request is made.

MARKET AND competitor research

In order to characterize the product in the best possible way, I performed market research and explored other interfaces that might have a similar user experience such as:

  • Wanted ads apps – How search results are shown according to predefined criterias
  • Dating apps – to explore how a match is performed and how ways of contact are presented

The personas

user journey

user journey


students SCREENs UX



Log in screen

students SCREENs Ui