A bike rental mobile App


(Research, UX/UI Design, Prototyping)


Collaborate with other artists, developers and product managers.
Generate effective design solutions and receive feedback.

Jerufun, is a Bike Rental System in Jerusalem including Mobile App and Admin System.

For the first time in Israel Jerufun made it possible for users to rent bike using an app, 
when the main purpose was to allow them to rent a number of bikes using a single account.

The same app is used in Tel Aviv under the name Tel-O-Fun.


UX Design
Visual Design

User Research

In the initial stage of creating the application, we put special attention to creating user personas.

Competitive Analysis

I’ve explored many types of apps, from direct competitors to scooter rental apps and car rental apps.
I’ve also researched several more apps around the world through the internet.
During my research I used the apps in order to prepare the user journey using observation and exploration.
I wanted to understand what was working and we can embrace, and what was challenging and we should repair, in order to make the user experience better in our new app.

Pain points that came up

There is no rental app that suits the Israeli eco system

There is no option to rent multiple bikes using one account

There is no Pay-As-You-Go vehicle rental app

There is no app for bike rental


Meet Jerry

Name: Jerry

Age: 35 Years old

Profession: Software developer


It is important for me to understand the big picture so the first thing I did, after talking to the client and doing my research, was sketching the user journey in the app.

After sketching the user journey, the main question was how to make the user expereience comfortable, easy and fun?


Once I was satisfied with the architecture, I started to work on the user interface itself. I prefer to start with a low fidelity hand drawn sketch before creating high fidelity wireframe and prototype in Figma.

Low fidelity Wireframes

Rental status notifications

Subscriptions screen

Multiple rental display

High Fidelity Wireframes

Onboarding screens

Subscriptions screen

QR code scan screen

Main Screen – Map


The final step was to design the user interface. It was decided to use the colors of Jerusalem’s logo and to maintain the look and feel conssistency that everybody knows.

ScreenS Preview


Wallet Charging Screen

Multiple Rental Screens

Subscriptions Screen