Video management system (VMS)


Video management system (VMS) and a personalized streaming platform. The process was done in collaboration with TEXEL – B2B SaaS Product The process was done in collaboration with TEXEL.

The project's goal was to build a cloud system to store and manage security camera output, in order to enable communications companies to monitor, control, and maintain cellular antennas.

The challenge

This system had to contain a great deal of information, and present it in a very user-friendly manner.

My Role was to design the system that would enable users to view a lot of information, clearly, such as live broadcasting and playback, the camera layout, as well as showing and documenting faults, in a clear and convenient manner.

The solution

In order to design the system in a an accessible manner, in a way for all the relevant stored information be displayed clearly, I researched similar systems. Systems that display security camera feeds, lots of information and perform data analysis.

The personas

The users are professionals in their 20s to 50s who use the system almost every day. They have technical knowledge and understanding of security cameras, understanding in the field of communications analysis and troubleshooting.

Screen Preview