Multi-cloud policy management system

Complex cloud SaaS

tufin – Product designer

Gain real-time visibility of cloud security posture. Establish security guardrails for cloud-native and public cloud workloads. And ensure compliance with cloud workload access policies and segmentation. All in a single platform for managing your hybrid cloud.

My role

  • My role was to lead this product design and ask all the appropriate questions.

  • tufin's goals were to make it easy for users to manage and automate security policies across their on-premises, hybrid, and multi-cloud environments in a single platform.

  • I performed research on the target audience such as: DevOps teams, Cloud architects, app owners, developers and network admins purpose. And their needs to understand what are the pain points we wish to address.

  • I conducted a competitive analysis of policy management systems on the market. Through my research, I examined a variety of systems that could display a wide variety of information. As part of this study, I also examined different ways that the user may use and investigate this information in order to prevent non-compliant configurations and risky configurations in his company's network.

  • In order to stay compliant with the design, stakeholders' preferences, deadlines, and budget, I worked closely with the developers team during the development process.

  • In order to maintain high quality, I closely monitored the QA of the product before going into production.

The challenges

Visibility and security compliance Vs. too many people, data, technologies, and platforms

There are too many factors involved which leads to blind spots and misconfigurations.

The solutions


  • Our goal is to provide the user with the unique capability of observing his entire network, including within and between it. This will enable him to check whether cloud workloads and application access policies are appropriately configured and conform to these standards at any given time. In addition, he will be able to better understand threats and vulnerabilities.
  • By continuously monitoring activities in the environment and automatically enforcing micro-segmentation for continuous compliance across large, complex cloud environments and real-time alerts of policy violations, the user will be able to quickly and effectively mitigate policy violations.

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